Meet John Mark Ackles Jr
The keyboardist/Vocalist for Ntranze
In 1983 was a founding member/bass guitarist for “Scott Free”, the very first punk rock band in Myrtle Beach, winning the Socastee High School talent show, playing the senior prom and playing parties and gigs as far away as Washington, DC and Cross Lanes, W.J.

After studying at the University of South Carolina, was a founding member of “Judgenot” reggae band in 1992, touring the southeast and recording a number of singles.

In 1994 was fortunate enough to become a member of the reggae-rock bank “Kindread Soul” recording the full length album “Keep the Faith” that was well before it’s time, and toured extensively including the “Atlanta Pof Festival” for 35,000 + people.
After leaving K.Soul John Mark freelanced, playing with well over 40 bands including the granny award nominated “Itals” from Kingston, Jamaica, New York City’s Rising Lion and Charleston, SC’s Ros Bonghi. Touring the nation five (5) times and playing in 41 states, he played many large shows including the Vermont Reggae Festival for 80,000 + people and Caesar’s Palace in Lake Tahoe.

In 2006 John Mark found his home returning to Myrtle Beach, where he is now a proud member of Ntranze.
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