Stage Name: GG "The Entertainer
I began singing at the age of six. My mothers amazing church choir vocals along with my early childhood spirituality inspired me. In 1970 my devotion to musical presentation took professional form when I performed on stage with an R&B band in Charlotte, NC. This single event catapulted me into an uninterrupted musical career. My artistry became integrated through traveling, attending college, band leadership, song writing and sound recording that included radio airplay.
Before NTRANZE, I toured the globe with a variety of bands including the Plair Band and the Tony Blunt Project. We appeared on the same American billing as: Maya, Lionel Richie and The Commodores, Cameo, the late great Jackie Wilson and various other successful artists. The most memorable international tour is with Crystal Waters. We extensively toured Japan in 1996 and 1997.
Performing at numerous charity benefits throughout the years is one of the ways I give back the gifts so freely given me. When I am not on stage, I am in the recording studio. I love creating poetry, songs and music that jump start the heart, mind and soul. My highest vision beholds NTRANZE facilitating lasting joy for everyone.
Meet Grady Avery
NTRANZE Start Date:
1998; Founding Member, Band Leader and Manager
Rock Hill, S.C.
Lead Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, and Guitar
Earth, Wind and Fire, Jackson 5 and The Beatles
Grady The Entertainer
Grady the Entertainer Performing the Song " KISS "
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